The Columns at the National Arboretum

One thing I love about photowalks with groups of other photographers is that they get me out to explore places I haven't been to, or even thought about visiting. This image is from a recent outing to the National Arboretum in Washington DC with the Instagram group, WalkwithLocals. It was bright. It was hot. But it was fun. Especially shooting in infrared.

The Tree at Merrion Square, Dublin, Ireland

Here's one of my favorite infrared images from Ireland. It's a weeping willow-type tree in Merrion Square Park in Dublin. I like how the branches shoot off in all kinds of directions.

Trees are fun to photograph in infrared since the green leaves become white in the image and the bark of the trunk and branches remains dark. I like to boost the contrast in Lightroom to really make the image pop.

The Couple on the Bench

Twenty minutes outside of Dublin, Ireland is the beautiful Powerscourt Estate, home of Powerscourt Gardens, 47 acres of lush gardens and Ireland's tallest waterfall. It's also listed by National Geographic as one of the world's greatest gardens.

While walking around with my infrared digital camera, I happened upon this nice silhouette of a couple sitting on a bench enjoying a nice break. In a normal photograph the leaves on the trees would be green, but the infrared made them white. I knew this would be a nice contrast to the couple and bench. The way the dark tree trunks framed the couple was an added bonus. Normally, I would crop the top of the image down closer to the subject, but I think the height and the way the middle trees taper at the top makes it more interesting.

The View from Valentia Island

Since the clouds were so dramatic on our visit to Valentia Island in southwestern Ireland, I decided this view called for an infrared image. The infrared is great for making cloud formations look even more intense.

Little FYI - Valentia was the European point for the first successfully run transatlantic telegraph cable. The other end being in Newfoundland.

The Lincoln Memorial in Infrared

A little more architectural fun to continue from the last's an infrared detail shot of the Lincoln Memorial. Since it's best to use an infrared camera in the middle of a sunny day, I obviously had to deal with the hundreds of tourists enjoying the monuments. No problem. I just had to be creative and figure out some unusual angles or focus on certain details. The interesting thing about the sky in this one is that it looks stormy and ominous, but it was really just light overcast.

The Washington Monument

It was a pretty nice, though cold, day in DC yesterday, so I headed over to the National Mall with my trusty infrared camera. Though it was an overcast sky (not too pleasing for infrared), there were some nice textures in the clouds. The Washington Monument was crowded, as usual, but that was okay. All I needed was to get close enough to shoot up and find some unusual angles. This one turned out to be one of my favorites - wacky angle, nice cloud texture, good contrast between the two sides.

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Infrared

Infrared is such a fun photographic technique, let's continue it another week. Here's an image of the pond at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Virginia. Much of the time with infrared, I lower the saturation to almost nothing, or go straight to black and white. For this series, I decided to leave in the blues, purples and pinks once I did the color swap in Photoshop.

Hemlock Overlook Trail in Infrared

Sticking with infrared for another week, here's an image of one of the hiking trails at Hemlock Overlook in Virginia. On previous trips, I tried a much wider view to get more of the leaning trees to the left and right of the trail, but learned that the S shape of the curve was more interesting and made the image much less cluttered.

Arlington National Cemetery in Infrared

During a recent trip to Arlington National Cemetery with some photographers from the Arcanum, I put the infrared camera to use. With infrared, the green grass looks white, so I wasn't sure how the tombstones would contrast with the grass. Luckily, they contrasted nicely and I got some nice lines leading to the trees in the background.