Elakala Falls at Blackwater Falls State Park

I've been in a black & white, fine-art type of mood lately, so I thought I'd revisit some photos and process them in black & white. Here's one from Elakala Falls near the Blackwater Falls Lodge in West Virginia. These falls are so close to the lodge, you can walk there in about two minutes, just down an easy woodland trail. The falls are broken up into sections - upper and lower - and it's a bit of a climb to get to the lower one, but so worth it.

The Bridge Tower at Portmagee

On my recent trip to Ireland, I was really hoping to get some images of lighthouses along the coast. Unfortunately, due to timing and logistics, that wasn't meant to be. But I didn't give up so easily. Traveling along the Ring of Kerry, we happened upon the town of Portmagee and the Maurice O'Neill Memorial Bridge, which just happens to have a control tower that looks kind of like a lighthouse. Ok, it's a stretch, but I had a good time taking photos of the bridge.

Virginia Beach Pier at Sunrise

A couple of hours drive south of Chincoteague is the resort city of Virginia Beach. Staying overnight at a hotel on the beach, I was excited to get up the next morning to photograph the sunrise. But sunrises on the East coast are so hit-or-miss. You might get some nice clouds or you might not. In this case, I didn't get the majestic clouds I hoped for, but I planned my shot out ahead of time to get the sun right as it lined up with the end of the pier. I also chose a shutter speed that wouldn't smooth out the waves too much, so that I could get a nice texture in the water.