I want to thank some people who have helped me learn, appreciate, and get inspired.

So, here you go…in no particular order:

Scott Kelby - from the books, to the podcasts, to the online training, I can't keep up with all the ways that Scott has helped me learn and practice photography.

 Rick Sammon - for making photography fun. And making it ok not to feel that you have to specialize. And for the Sammonisms. I can't get them out of my head.

Zach Arias - for keeping it real.  

Bryan Peterson - for some of the best books and videos on learning photography.

Matt Kloskowski - for the Lightroom training. 

David DuChemin - for the words and thoughts. His blog is probably the best for making you think about photography. 

Art Wolfe - for inspiration. Any of his images makes me stop and stare.

Deborah Sandidge - for inspiring me to try infrared photography. 

Ben Willmore - for making me want to just live photography. Literally live photography. On a bus. In an RV. In a boat…whatever it takes to travel and be a photographer.

Joe McNally - for the most amazing books on how he works his magic. 

Brenda Tharp - for the book, Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography. 

Galen Rowell - for making me want to leave the house to get great shots.